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New Drive

1.Under Storage, select the MinIO in the Enterprise tab.

2.Select the required options, enter theEndopint, Access Key ID, Secret Access Key and then click the Refresh button(refresh) on the bucket entry. newdrive

3.When the bucket loading is complete, select the Bucket you want to connect to, and click the Connect button.

Bucket direct entry

If you click the checkbox located to the left of the bucket, you can directly enter the bucket.


4.The connected drive is created in the Network locations of File Explorer. explorer

Drive Connect/Disconnect

1.Clicking the Disconnect button(stop) removes the MinIO you've connected from the file browser. disconnect

2.When you click the Connect button(play), MinIO will be created in the network locations of the file explorer. connect

Drive Edit

1.If the drive is connected, click the Disconnect button(stop).


Editing is not possible while the drive is connected.

2.Click the Edit button(setting). settingbutton

3.Change any options that require correction, or select advanced options and click the OK or Apply button. setting

Drive Remove

1.If the drive is connected, click the Disconnect button(stop), then click the Delete button.(delete) deletebutton

2.When you click the OK button, the drive is removed from the list of connections. delete

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