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Apple Account

Sign in with Apple

You can sign in to the RaiDrive app and website with your Apple ID. When you sign in, your Apple ID shares the following information with the RaiDrive app and website. [Learn more]

  • Your name and email

See Apple Privacy Policy

Stop using Sign in with Apple

You can stop using Sign in with Apple. If you stop using your Apple ID, you sign out of the app. The next time you visit the app or related website, you can choose Sign in with Apple to sign in again or create a new account.

1.Sign in Apple > Account, and click Manage Apple ID button in Account Settings. apple_0

2.Click Sign in whth Apple button in Sign-in and Security. apple_1

3.Click the RaiDrive in signed in with Apple. apple_2

3.Click Stop using Sign in with Apple button. apple_3

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