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Click the Settings(setting) button located on the top menu bar of RaiDrive. tem_1

Changing Temporary Folder

Change the location of RaiDrive's temporary folder.

1.Settings > Temporary, click the folder(folder) icon on the right to open the File Explorer for the temporary folder. tem_2

2.Select a new temporary folder and click the Select Folder. tem_3

3.Click the OK button to reconnect RaiDrive. tem_4

4.The temporary folder has been changed. tem_5


If you click the defult button located on the right side of the folder icon and reconnect RaiDrive, it will change to the default temporary folder.

Setting Lifetime

Set the Lifetime of RaiDrive temporary files.

Lifetime of Read & Write

  • When reading (downloading) / writing (uploading) from the Local Disk to the Drive, it is the lifetime of temporary files.
  • The longer the Lifetime, the faster the read and write processing speed, but it takes up the capacity of the Local Disk as much as the Lifetime.

1.Settings > Temporary, select a Read Lifetime from the Read drop-down list. tem_6

2.Settings > Temporary, select a Write Lifetime from the Write drop-down list. tem_7


If you click the defult button to the right of the Lifetime, it will change to the Default Lifetime.

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