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Install / Uninstall

Run the downloaded package file to start the installation.

System Requirements

Required software must be installed.

Verify required software installation

Window Start > Settings(setting) > Apps > & Apps & features, select Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 in the list search bar. If it is already installed, it will appear as below. visual

Install required software

Click each the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable(x86/x64) located at the bottom right of the RaiDrive download Page. Download and install it. In the same way, click .NET Framework 4.8 (Runtime) or later. Download and install. downvisual


Device driver

During installation, if the EldoS device software installation message appears, click the Install button. eldos

1.Run the downloaded Package File.

2.After agree to the License terms and conditions, click the Install button. licenve

3.The installation proceeds. appinstall

4.After RaiDrive has been successfully installed, click the Finish button. complate

5.RaiDrive icon is added to the desktop. desktop


1.Window Start > Settings(setting) > Apps > & Apps & features, select RaiDrive and click the Uninstall button. licence

2.Click the Remove button to confirm the removal installation. deletechoice

3.Click the Remove button to begin remove of RaiDrive. deletebutton

4.Removal proceeds.


5.After RaiDrive has been successfully removed, click the Finish button. deletfinish

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