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This is a function to batch export the added drives and import them to RaiDrive on another PC.


1.In RaiDrive to which the drive has been added, click the Account button on the top menu bar. ex_1

2.Click the Export button. ex_2

3.Setting and entering a new password and click the OK button. ex_3

4.Save the created .dat file to a location of your choice. ex_4


1.Save the .dat file saved on This PC to another PC.

2.Run the RaiDrive and click the Account button located on the top menu bar. im_1

3.Click the Import button. im_2

4.Open the saved .dat file. im_3

5.Enter the password set in Export, and click the OK button. im_4

6.Drives imported from export are added.


Click the Connect button(setting) or Edit button(setting), sign in and connect the drives.


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