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My Subcription

See my subscription and change it.

See my subscription

1.Click the Account button located on the top menu bar of RaiDrive. mysub_1

2.Click the My Subscription tab to open the My Subscription page. mysub_2

3.See my subcription. mysub_3

Chang my subscription

1.Click the Change button at the bottom of the My Subscription page. mysub_4

2.Extend the subscription period, increase the number of concurrent signin license, or add the Addons, and click the Checkout button located at the bottom. mysub_5

3.Confirm the subscription change (Your order) and click the Proceed To Checkout button to proceed with the payment. mysub_6


If you shorten the subscription period, reduce the number of licenses, or cancel the Addons, it will be automatically applied from the next payment date.

1.After changing your subscription, click Schedule at the next billing date button. mysub_7

2.See the Subscription Changes and Payment Schedule. (To remove changed subscriptions and payment schedules, click the Remove scheduled changes button.) mysub_8

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